I'm James.

I build creative interactive projects.

I'm James.

I design signal/image processing systems.

I'm James.

I develop machine learning applications.

I can help.

I am a creative technologist, image processing engineer, and software engineer.
I graduated from New York University Ineractive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and National Tsing Hua University Electrical Engineering Department.
I am interested in building creative interactive applications and making projects related to signal/image processing and machine learning.

image processing
machine learning

My Projects

Lost in Translation

machine learning, python, flask, javascript

The Data Visualization of NYC Traffic

data visualization, javascript

Style Transfer Chrome Extension

machine learning, javascript

An Image-based Disdrometer Verification and Raindrop Analysis

image processing, c++, opencv

Secret in Music

signal processing, matlab

Recipe Recommender

machine learning, python, javascript

A Chinese Processing/Java Tutorial

tutorial, processing, java

Democratic Drive

Interactive Project, javascript